Live export exposť wins at the Logies

Animals Australia congratulates Sarah Ferguson and the Four Corners team for receiving a second major media award for their groundbreaking 2011 live export exposť.


PUBLISHED ON: 16 April 2012

A Bloody Business, the Four Corners report that highlighted Animals Australia's 2011 live export investigation in Indonesia, has been credited with sparking a tidal wave of concern and action on behalf of animals, and was awarded the prestigious Gold Walkley Award last year for outstanding journalism. Almost 12 months on, the story has won a Logie for ĎMost Outstanding Public Affairs Reportí.

The Logie win is a reminder that live export remains an important issue to many Australians. A Bloody Business prompted over 60,000 media stories in 2011, making live exports a household topic. Hundreds of thousands of e-mails, letters and phone calls to Federal politicians followed, forcing the Gillard Government to take action. A temporary suspension of live exports to Indonesia was put in place while new export conditions were put in place for the regulation of the trade.

Tragically, even with new export rules, there is still no guarantee that the kind of brutal mistreatment of animals exposed by the Four Corners program wonít continue to happen. Just recently, more shocking evidence from at least one accredited Indonesian abattoir was revealed.

So long as live exports continue, animals remain at grave risk of horrific cruelty from ship to slaughter, and Animals Australia will continue to campaign for its end. Every e-mail, phone call and letter sent helps remind our Government that the majority of Australians support a ban on live exports. Help ensure these animals are not forgotten by clicking here to send an instant letter to your MP today.

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