How many animals die from plastic bags each year? Say 'NO' to plastic bags!

If you've ever wondered how many marine animals die from plastic ingestion each year, the answer might shock you. But the good news is you can help stop the immense suffering caused by animals eating plastic bags with these simple steps.


Few shoppers stop to consider that disposable plastic bags have a devastating impact on marine animals such as whales, seals, sea birds and turtles. More than 100,000 animals die every year after becoming entangled in or eating plastic bags.

This is why Animals Australia partnered with LUSH to draw attention to the billions of disposable shopping bags used by Australian consumers each year.

Plastic Bag Facts:

  • The average plastic bag is used for only 5 minutes, yet can take up to 1,000 years to break down in the environment.
  • Turtles, dolphins, and whales can choke or starve by confusing plastic bags for jellyfish.
  • On land, plastic bags kill native birds, fauna, and other animals.
  • Every piece of plastic ever made still exists. There are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of the world's oceans.

Join Animals Australia & LUSH to 'Ban the Bag'!

Please join us to create a cleaner, kinder world for animals. To help stop marine animals eating plastic bags, simply sign our petition, and get yourself some reusable shopping bags. Visit any LUSH store to discover how easy and practical it is to distribute products without the need for harmful plastics (and pick up some delightful non-animal-tested cosmetics while you're there!).

How many animals die from plastic bags each year? Sign the online petition
How many animals die from plastic bags each year? Get your reusable Compassionate Shopper tote!

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