ALDI doesn’t think you care enough to let them out of here.

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ALDI customers Respond to caged hens


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Globally, ALDI knows battery cage-laid eggs are too cruel for sale, with phase-outs underway in the USA and many parts of Europe. But they don’t seem to think Aussies care enough. Here, there’s no end in sight to the suffering of hens who lay ALDI’s cage eggs. These birds have their beaks cut without pain relief. Many of them live in chronic pain. And none of them can walk around or even stretch their wings…

But we know Aussies care. ALDI customers care. Other retailers care. Coles is reducing shelf space for cage eggs. Woolies will be 100% cage-egg free by 2025, and dozens of IGAs have already completed the switch! ALDI: It’s time.

ALDI Australia has every reason to join the global movement away from battery cage cruelty. Perhaps all they need now is some encouragement from you!

UPDATE: 70,000+ people are now calling on ALDI Australia to stop supporting battery cage cruelty! Add your voice today!

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