WARNING: This video contains confronting imagery.

Ban greyhound racing Australia-wide!

NSW and the ACT have just become the first states in Australia to announce bans on greyhound racing. Now it’s time for other states to follow their lead!


NSW Premier, Mike Baird, said: “We simply cannot and will not stand-by and allow the widespread and systemic mistreatment of animals.”

And he’s right. In 2015, investigations by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation QLD exposed dozens of greyhound trainers across NSW, Victoria and Queensland for ‘live baiting’. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, nine out of ten dogs born into the greyhound industry are killed because they aren’t fast enough to win money.

A ban in NSW and the ACT is a huge win for dogs and a huge win for people power. In the last 18 months thousands of caring people in NSW and the ACT have rallied, campaigned and lobbied their MPs to call for an end to greyhound racing.

Now it’s time for governments in other states to follow the lead of NSW and the ACT. While greyhound racing continues anywhere in Australia dogs are still at threat.

If you want your state to shut down greyhound cruelty too, then now is the time to speak up! Please send an urgent message to your MP calling on them to follow the lead of the ACT and NSW and ban greyhound racing.



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