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For the average shopper it may just be an egg, but for a hen every egg represents 30hrs of misery in a battery cage — unable to stretch her wings, dust bathe, or express her other most basic instincts. Studies have also shown that 1 in 6 hens in battery cages are living with untreated broken bones.

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The power to end the cruelty of battery cages is in our hands. How? Consumer power!

In response to growing public concern about factory farming, Woolworths has become the first supermarket in Australia to commit to a phase out of ALL cage eggs.

This historic decision will see millions of hens freed from battery cages.

Woolworths' largest competitor, Coles, has already removed cage eggs from their own-brand, but still stocks other cage egg brands. If Coles were to match Woolworths' commitment, it would virtually spell the end of the battery cage in Australia.

Please use the form below to encourage Coles to match Woolworths' commitment and stop selling ALL cage eggs. Together we can make the battery cage history!


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