Is your state lagging behind on puppy factory action?

She was kept confined in one of Australia's worst puppy factories, churning out puppies for sale. But Victoria's Labor government set a HUGE precedent for dogs like her by pledging to stop puppy farmers selling their 'products' in pet shops. TAKE ACTION! Urge your state's leaders to catch up on fighting puppy factories!


In puppy factories across Australia, breeding dogs are denied everything that makes a dog's life worth living — all to produce a constant supply of puppies for sale in pet shops or online. Puppy farmers often conveniently sell through these channels to keep the suffering of parent dogs hidden — and investigations have revealed that the country's peak pet industry body may have provided false guarantees that their member stores "do not buy from puppy farm factories".

Australians are understandably determined to see real action on this issue — and, at least in Victoria, politicians are listening!

Thousands of members of the public stood with Animals Australia, Oscar's Law and RSPCA Victoria to lobby state MP's in support of puppy factory reform. And, in an Australian first, Victoria's Labor government committed to ending the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops — only allowing stores to facilitate adoptions through rescue groups!

This historic decision strikes at the core of the cruelty we have seen in the operation of puppy factories, and sets a major precedent for other Australian states. Curbing the indiscriminate trade of dogs and cats in pet shops will also help address our country's companion animal overpopulation crisis, which sees countless animals ending up in shelters each year and thousands killed simply because there aren't enough homes to go around.

Take action! Urge your MP to stop your state lagging behind Victoria on puppy factory action — by ending the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats in pet shops.



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