Thanks for taking action!

You've helped send a strong message today. But the power you have to create change for the animals doesn't end there! Here are some other important things you can do to help save animals from cruelty:

  • Pledge to adopt, not buy! While shelters overflowing with abandoned animals are forced to euthanise healthy cats and dogs, the best place to find a four-legged friend — and save a life — is always at your local animal shelter.
  • Tell the Trading Post to stop selling dogs and cats: Most puppies from puppy factories are sold online. The Trading Post is one major hot spot for puppy sales. Click here to contact the Trading Post and urge them to only allow legitimate shelters to advertise on their website.

Don't let 'out of sight' mean 'out of mind'. Please help by sending this important campaign to everyone you know!

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Your financial support is needed today to fund vital investigations and campaigns to protect animals from abuse. Please give generously to support Animals Australia's lifesaving work.
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