Help cut the cruelty out of cosmetics in Australia!

In 2013, the European Union brought into effect a complete ban on the import or sale of cosmetics tested on animals. A similar ban here would mean no more animals would suffer crude, outdated and cruel tests for the sake of beauty in Australia. No more chemicals dripped into the eyes of rabbits. No more rats force-fed chemicals to find the lethal doses of products no one would dream of swallowing anyway.


Every year, in laboratories around the world, countless brands allow animals to be poisoned, burnt and killed in the name of 'safety'. But there's nothing 'safe' about these tests — not for the animals and not for us. And right now, with your help, we have a chance to cut this cruelty out of cosmetics in Australia for good!

While our laws make it difficult to test cosmetic products on animals in Australia, many big brands still test their products and ingredients on animals overseas, then sell their products on supermarket shelves here.

But now political support to end this cruelty is growing. The Greens have introduced a Bill to federal Parliament that would ban the import of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals.

And they are not the only party looking to end cruel animal tests. The Labor Party has also launched a national consultation into phasing out the import of all cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients tested on animals.

With so many ingredients that are already known to be safe readily available for companies to use, and many non-animal based tests now available, it's time to take the ugly side out of beauty products.

Today the animals need your voice. Help secure critical support for the Greens' Bill to ban the import of products tested on animals. Contact your federal MP to urge them to support the 'End Cruel Cosmetics Bill' and get cruelty out of cosmetics.



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