Are rodeos cruel?

Animals Australia has investigated rodeos across the country, witnessing countless animals frightened, distressed, and put at grave risk of injury or even death. Rodeos have been banned in the ACT, UK and elsewhere, for cruelty. Yet, they continue in most states of Australia. Act now to protect calves from rodeos.


The buck stops here.

At rodeos in many states of Australia, terrified animals are provoked, chased and wrestled to the ground — all in the name of entertainment.

On the program is one event so obviously cruel and immoral that it has been banned in two other states (SA and VIC): calf roping. Yet all other states have resisted such a ban (except ACT, where rodeos are completely banned).

Until rodeos are banned in Australia, at a bare minimum calves should be spared the cruelty of calf roping events.

Former QLD Premier, Campbell Newman, once said rodeos reflect 'the character of this state'. If you live in QLD, NSW, WA, Tasmania or the NT and don't want cruelty to define your state, send a letter to your state MP urging them to support a ban on calf roping.

If you live in SA or Victoria, click here to take action.

Calf roping at an Australian rodeo

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