Help end the brutal duck slaughtering season

Duck shooting maims and kills countless birds each year in Australia. An estimated one in four birds shot escape wounded, only to suffer from shattered bills, broken bones and severe internal injuries. Help end this slaughter!


The beautiful wetlands of Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania should be safe havens for wildlife — instead in Autumn and early Winter they become a killing field as the duck shooting season begins.

Sadly, those birds who are killed instantly are often the 'lucky' ones. Ducks who are shot but left behind by shooters (estimated to be one out of every four birds shot) can suffer a prolonged and painful death from their injuries. All for the sake of a 'sport' that most in the community oppose.

In 2007 and 2008, waterbird numbers were dangerously low and conditions were dry, so the duck shooting seasons were cancelled in Victoria and South Australia. A 2014 survey in Victoria found waterbird numbers were even lower, but state governments still permitted 2015 and 2016 seasons — flying in the face of all credible scientific evidence:

  • Waterbird breeding levels the lowest on record.
  • 'Game' bird numbers nearly half the long-term average.
  • Wetlands at drought-like lows.

Duck shooting has already been banned in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia due to the extreme cruelty to birds. Now you can help end duck shooting across the rest of Australia.

Send an instant message to your state MP urging them to ban duck shooting.

*If you live outside Victoria, SA, the NT or Tasmania, click here to send an email to the relevant state Ministers in these states/territory.



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