End the commercial kangaroo slaughter

Tonight in the Australian outback, the world's largest land-based commercial wildlife slaughter will continue. Kangaroos will be shot. 'Useless' orphaned joeys will be decapitated or swung forcibly against a towbar. Some will simply starve...


Few Australians are aware that our national icon has become the target of a brutal slaughter. The Federal Government has again given shooters a green light to kill millions of these gentle animals this year — all for the sake of profit.

Hidden far from the eyes of the public, the commercial kangaroo kill occurs in remote locations that make effective monitoring nearly impossible. Of the millions who are shot and killed every year, it's unknown how many more escape wounded, only to endure a long and painful death.

The kangaroo industry benefits from a misconception that the mass slaughter reduces grazing 'competition' in farming regions. But the truth is, kangaroos are being slaughtered purely for money — fuelled by the international trade in kangaroo leather and meat products. Not only is the trade unnecessary and inherently cruel, the relentless slaughter is placing increased pressure on kangaroo populations, putting the future of this unique species at risk.

If you believe that our national icon should be celebrated — not slaughtered — please take action today! Use this form to urge the Federal Environment Minister to end the cruel commercial slaughter of kangaroos.


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