No-one should have to see this. But if we cannot watch with our eyes what animals are forced to endure with their bodies — then we must act to end it.
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Yourvoice can make a difference

Like Terry from Eight Mile Plains and Cynthia from Graceville. Like Robert, Fiona, and Kirsty... whose voices were all heard in Parliament when their MPs spoke out on their behalf. More and more politicians are uncomfortable with their party’s stance on live export. Whenever you raise your voice — you give them reason to raise theirs.

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Your MP was elected to do one thing: represent you. And you’re probably like most Australians who want the cruelty of live export to stop. Yet most politicians are still toeing outdated party lines in support of this cruel and unnecessary trade. In the last 12 months alone, live export has been responsible for eye stabbing, tendon slashing, sledgehammering, and countless other preventable acts of cruelty.

Predictably, more cruelty has surfaced — this time in Israel. Hidden cameras set up by Animals Australia investigators have captured harrowing vision of routine abuse inside one of Israel’s biggest abattoirs. Just like Bakar Tnuva, (exposed in 2012), the Deir Al Asad slaughterhouse passed audits and was given the ‘tick of approval’ by live exporters and the Australian Government.

Inside its walls Australian cattle face the terror of a full inversion slaughter box. Tipped upside down, panicked and unable to move, their throats were sawn open before being hoisted fully conscious by one leg. With necks agape and bleeding, animals’ tails were broken in an effort to force them to move. Others slipped and choked in their own blood as they tried desperately to get to their feet.

This shocking new evidence not only represents another catastrophic failure of the live export ‘assurance’ system. It reveals the price paid by animals for a trade that could so easily be phased out — if MPs stopped representing vested interests, and started representing you.

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Ask your MP to represent you — and speak out in Parliament on your behalf against live export cruelty.

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