Demand an end to legalised animal cruelty

Hundreds of millions of animals raised for food each year in Australia are denied the full protection of animal cruelty laws despite our knowledge that all animals share the ability to suffer. As a result so-called 'production animals' endure intense confinement and surgical procedures without pain relief - all of which would be a cruelty offence if those same animals were dogs or cats.


Each state and territory in Australia has enacted animal cruelty laws which reflect our society's opposition to animal cruelty. However, few in the community are aware that governments included exemptions in that legislation which result in the vast majority of animals in human care --some 500 million animals raised for food each year — being denied the full protection of these laws so that cruel animal industries can maximise profits.

Instead of being protected by the law, so-called 'production animals' are subject to 'Codes of Practice' which exempt animal industries from prosecution for cruelty. Common practices on farms which cause immense suffering are legalised in these codes. As a result, millions of farm animals endure horrific living conditions and acts of abuse such as debeaking, dehorning, castration and the cutting of tails and teeth without anaesthetic, despite these practices being cruelty offences if performed on cats or dogs.

Cruel animal industries, retailers and governments mislead the community to believe that these codes exist to ensure the welfare of animals — when in fact they are directly responsible for permitting cruel practices.

These animals have no voice. They need yours to help them. Please urge Australia's state animal welfare ministers and relevant authorities to demand legal protection for all animals.


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