End cruel baiting and netting of Australia's sharks!

Sharks play a vital role in keeping our oceans healthy, and yet these often misunderstood animals are being put at great risk of suffering and death because of misconception and fear. The vast majority of sharks pose no threat to humans — and encounters between 'dangerous' sharks and people are incredibly rare. A better understanding of these uniquely fascinating animals will play a vital role in keeping both sharks and people safe — as well as protecting our precious marine ecosystems.


Coastlines across Australia are becoming increasingly dangerous places to swim – for sharks. Despite the fact many shark species are in decline – along the coast of WA, QLD and NSW, sharks are being trapped in nets, painfully hooked and killed in an attempt to reduce encounters with beach-goers.

But experts have warned that these cruel measures won't work, and that they'll only further dwindle the numbers of threatened and endangered species, like Great Whites, Bull Sharks and Tiger Sharks. If that weren't bad enough, shark netting and baited hooks also threaten countless non-targeted marine animals, like dolphins, turtles and even whales.

Since the introduction of shark 'control measures', thousands of protected sharks — including many who did not pose any threat to humans — have died along Australia’s shorelines. With non-lethal control methods already available, such as shark enclosures, deterrent devices and air patrols, it's time for the governments of WA, QLD and NSW to recognise that sharks don't deserve to be hunted down and killed.

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