Tell greyhound racing all bets are off!

When people welcome a greyhound into their family, they quickly discover that they are gentle and affectionate dogs. Yet sadly, few greyhounds from the racing industry are given the chance to experience a loving home. Take action today to protect them from an industry that gambles on their lives.


For the estimated 20,000 greyhound pups bred for racing each year in Australia, the outlook is bleak. Like in horse racing, there is no happy retirement for most of these dogs. If they aren't profitable, they are often killed. A high injury rate also sees many dogs killed — their injuries too 'uneconomical' to treat.

This shocking side to the greyhound industry was recently exposed on ABC's Lateline:

In this profit driven industry, the value placed on these living, breathing animals is only as great as the money they bring in.

A small number of retired racing greyhounds are rehomed, but they make up only a tiny fraction of dogs discarded by the industry. Every year, greyhound breeders, trainers and owners send thousands of healthy young dogs to be killed. And as Sydney-based veterinarian Ted Humphries described on Lateline, "[Some] do it inhumanely. They shoot them or hammer them or throw them off bridges. I knew one particular person who would hang them."

The greyhound racing industry depends on punters to turn a profit. By refusing to attend or bet on greyhound racing and encouraging your friends to do the same, you can take a stand against an industry that profits at the animals' expense.

These dogs also need your voice! Please let the greyhound racing bodies* and your state MP know that killing healthy dogs will never be accepted by a caring community.

*Note for QLD residents: Racing Queensland has indicated that they would rather not hear your thoughts on this issue by blocking messages sent through this form. You can still make your message heard by calling their office on (07) 3869 9777 or sending an email directly to Thank you!



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