Stop savage 'pig dogging' in Australia

Wild pigs were introduced to Australia with the First Fleet. Today they exist predominantly in Queensland and New South Wales, where they are the target of a savage hunt. Many die slowly and painfully. Please take urgent action to help stop the shameful 'sport' of pig dogging in the Australian bush.


In the vast tracts of Australian bushland, there is a little known 'sport' that will shock you... 'Pig dogging' is arguably the cruellest and most brutal form of hunting still permitted in Australia today.

The hunts involve packs of 'pig dogs' who are released by hunters to track, chase and maul a lone wild pig. While 'pig dogs' are often fitted with protective collars and breast plates to stop them from being gored by trapped pigs, wounds and injuries to dogs are common. But the suffering to pigs is immeasurable... In their struggle to escape, terrified pigs are savaged and may even be mauled to death if not found quickly by the human hunter, whose job is to stab them through the heart or shoot them at close range.

pig dogging

Animals Australia has long opposed the practice of pig dogging, but efforts to ban the 'sport' have been quashed by the rural hunting lobby. ABC's 7.30 program recently threw a public spotlight onto this dark practice, thanks to our colleague group, Animal Liberation NSW. The evidence aired on national TV was damning.

With media exposure and pressure from newly informed members of the public, the NSW and QLD Governments will be forced to respond. Please sign this urgent letter to outlaw the brutal 'sport' of pig dogging.


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