Shooters have NSW national parks in their sights

Animals who live in NSW national parks, including rabbits, foxes, goats, and wild pigs are facing distressing pursuit and a violent death by shooting — or a painful and protracted death if wounded by amateur hunters.


In a deal struck between the Shooters and Fishers Party and Barry O'Farrell's government hunters will soon be allowed to shoot animals in NSW national parks.

This plan will proceed despite overwhelming opposition from park rangers and staff — and risks highlighted by the government's own risk assessment, which declared that the new legislation poses a 'major risk' to the safety of park visitors and staff.

Since news of this proposal became public, the NSW government has received thousands of emails from concerned park goers — resulting in a commitment to trial the plan for 12 months in 200 state forests across the state. But if the trial proves 'successful', the plan will be expanded to include more national parks and reserves throughout New South Wales.

But this isn't what our parks are there for!

A national park should be a safe haven and peaceful place for all visitors (and the animals who live there!), not a personal hunting ground for a small minority who choose to kill animals for 'sport'.

Despite claims, allowing amateur shooters into our national parks will not provide any real conservation benefit - this is just 'recreational' hunting dressed up as 'pest' animal control.

The proposal was originally cooked up by the NSW Game Council — a controversial taxpayer-funded group headed by shooters and soon to be abolished after a review found it lacked accountability and paid too little attention to public safety. Surely this should mean that this controversial and unpopular plan should be scrapped too.

If you live in NSW, please use the form below to voice your opposition to this plan with Premier Barry O'Farrell and your Coalition MP. Urge them to repeal the dangerous laws allowing amateur hunters in national parks.

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