WARNING: This video contains confronting images

Tell the wool industry: surgery hurts!

Shocking evidence of sheep being punched, stomped on and thrown inside Australian shearing sheds has been met with condemnation by the wool industry. But footage of wounded sheep being roughly sewn up without pain relief has exposed something even more disturbing: a cruel standard practice that MUST be stopped.

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The investigation conducted by PETA in 19 shearing sheds across the country revealed some shocking abuses including sheep being kicked, stomped on, punched, struck with shears and thrown. Footage shows one animal being beaten over the head with a hammer.

Evidence of this overt abuse is now in the hands of authorities and the industry itself has joined calls for tough action.

But perhaps more damning were the images of distressed sheep with gaping cuts having their wounds roughly sewn up ... without any pain relief. Australians will be appalled to learn that this equally abusive practice is considered acceptable by industry standards.

Read enough? Please send an urgent, polite message to the Australian wool industry urging them to make pain relief mandatory in all Australian shearing sheds.

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