Factory farming = cruelty

In nature, she would spend much of her life gliding on water. Unable to swim, her risk of a broken bone or dislocation is high. Filthy, cramped conditions and no water for bathing increases the chance of infection and disease. Sent to slaughter at just 7 weeks old, farmed ducks are only babies when they’re killed.  Her entire life will be inside this shed. The vast majority of ducks farmed for meat in Australia live in places like this. Sign the petition to demand better for ducks like her.
Lissy Jayne/Bear Witness Australia

Ducks NEED water. In nature, a duck spends much of her life on water, and therefore has naturally weak leg joints. In farms, with no water to swim or bathe in, ducks are forced to use their legs to carry their weight every day for 7 weeks — when they will be sent to slaughter.

Water deprivation increases the risk of lameness, broken bones, dislocations, infection and disease for a duck on a farm.

Wherever factory farming exists, animals suffer. The choices you make can help end this.

Will you stand up to animal cruelty in the meat industry?

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