To the live export industry: his suffering is the cost of doing business. To us: he's the reason we're going to end live export.

The gloves are off. We’re taking the campaign to end live export to the next level.
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This is the biggest live export campaign in history. Are you in?

The Australian Government promised that new live export regulations would protect animals from extreme cruelty. But we're seeing more violent acts of abuse than ever before.

We were promised that live export companies would be punished for breaking the rules. But for repeat offenders, it's business-as-usual.

Then we were promised that our legal complaints would be investigated and action taken. But animals keep suffering...

Our investigators have witnessed atrocities across the globe. We've worked every angle to force regulations to work for animals. We have consistently exposed live exporters for abominable cruelty — and we will continue to do so. But quite simply — it's not enough.

So here's the plan:

It's time to call a spade a spade.

If thousands of animals suffered and died during transport in Australia this year — it would be a crime. If animals were beaten, tortured and stabbed on Australian soil — it would be a crime. Cover-ups, corruption, cruelty — are all crimes. The live export industry stands guilty of all of them.

Just imagine if every single day, the very politicians who have the power to end this trade, were confronted with the truth of what they are supporting...

... as they drive to work.


... as they travel to the airport.


... as they wait at the traffic lights.


Many politicians are already uncomfortable with their party's support of live export. They know that the vast majority of Australians consider it to be immoral and cruel. Now they need to know that Australians consider live export a crime that no government or political representative could or should support.

Just as each new generation decides what cruelty they will or will not tolerate, each parliament, each decision-maker must do the same.

Imagine if we could keep the truth about live export on export on high impact billboards and other strategic sites across the country right up until the next Federal election.

We have one of Australia's top media buyers booking the best locations around the country to ensure this message is seen by those who most need to take notice. We have the best creative minds driving out the strategic plan for the biggest public campaign against live export we have ever undertaken.

There is one vital ingredient we need to pull this off — you.

We've crunched the numbers and worked out that to sustain this massive public campaign every day for a year we need to recruit caring people to our Live Export Fighting Fund — an exclusive group of donors who pledge a monthly gift to Animals Australia specifically for this campaign.

Nearly 3,000 people have already said "I'm in!" Help us send a message that can't be ignored!

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YES, I want to hold politicians to account for live export cruelty in the most public way — by supporting a high impact public awareness campaign with a monthly gift of:

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