Trapped in a metal crate, she cannot turn around. Unable to fulfil her strong mothering instincts, she cannot reach out to her newborn babies or protect them from painful ‘surgical’ procedures. Chewing the bars doesn’t help. Here she will remain until she is re-impregnated and the cycle of suffering begins again. Scroll
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Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty today.

With your help we can end it.

Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty today. We have a plan to end it. Click here if you believe in a world without factory farming.

As you read this, the Animals Australia team is putting the finishing touches on a campaign like no other. One that has the potential to create real, lasting and much needed change for this country’s most abused animals. One that is infinitely winnable, with your help.

It is hard to imagine what it must be like to wake every day only to suffer. Yet this has become reality for the majority of animals raised into human care today. The mother pig who remains practically immobilised inside a metal crate barely bigger than her body — the baby chicken who can barely stand up to support his unnatural weight — and the hen who never sees daylight trapped inside a crowded battery cage — all have one thing in common. In the name of expediency and profit, they have all been denied a life worth living.

From the moment they are born, animals in factory farms are the cogs in a production line of suffering. Their first experience of this world often includes undergoing 'surgical procedures' — without pain relief. Piglets' tails are severed, through bone. Their teeth are cut with pliers. Chicks destined for battery cages will have parts of their sensitive beaks seared off. If you did this to a kitten or puppy, you could be prosecuted for cruelty. But at some point, for commercial reasons, our legislators deemed it acceptable for factory farmers to cut bits and pieces off conscious baby animals to make them fit into cruel systems.

The fact that they are each living, breathing beings who feel, is ignored. They are every bit as inquisitive, social, and intelligent as the animals who we call members of our families. Like cats and dogs, farmed animals crave safety and comfort. They too respond to kindness and affection — if given the chance. Yet most will never experience human kindness in their lives. For most, the first time they will see the outside world will be the last day of their lives — as they are trucked to slaughter.

You are probably asking yourself, how have we ever come to find such methods of farming acceptable? The answer is that we, as a community, haven't.

Factory farming has only thrived because its practices have been concealed from the public. This is also its greatest weakness.

Imagine for a moment what a world without factory farming would look like... A world where all animals, regardless of whether they are considered 'food' or 'friend', are provided with a life worth living and protection from cruel treatment. Imagine a world where animals are treated as the living, feeling beings that they are — more than just cogs in a production line; more than just products on supermarket shelves. A world that acknowledges their needs and interests, not just takes from them. We are appealing to you today because we can not only imagine it, but we have a plan to Make it Possible — a plan to end factory farming in Australia.

Make it Possible will open hearts and minds like never before — through a world-first initiative that will allow these animals to plead their own case for a kinder world. By exploiting the one thing that factory farmers are most terrified of — exposure — we will start a chain reaction from consumer to retailer that will erode the financial support systems that make factory farms profitable.  And by creating an inspiring vision for a kinder world, a little flying pig will become the symbol of hope and kindness that can be embraced by all.

Our goal is for Make it Possible to be underpinned by a comprehensive and targeted national advertising campaign, encompassing television, cinema, print and social media. We have the support of prominent Australian celebrities and leading chefs, all committed to helping us achieve an end to factory farming in Australia. We are going where no animal protection group has gone before, because the scale of cruelty necessitates it. We have an ambitious plan but it is absolutely achievable — with your help.

The professionals assisting to develop the short film which will launch this campaign have told us it is the most important, poignant and meaningful work they have ever undertaken. Many have been moved to tears by the power of giving a voice to these animals. We know the strength of this message has the potential to send shockwaves through the factory farming industry.

In less than a month from now, this campaign will be given wings. But how far she can fly depends on you.

Your support is urgently needed. Every dollar you can give today will strengthen the impact of Make it Possible. Your donation will immediately be put to use to secure prime time television and cinema spots, and reinforce a robust social media campaign which will reach the hearts and minds of millions.

Give today, and come October 23, you will witness the launch of a unique campaign which you helped build — the campaign that will pave the way for a future where animals are free from factory farms.

Imagine a world without factory farming... A world that would inevitably be a kinder and better place for all to share. Together, we can Make it Possible.

Lyn White
Campaign Director
Animals Australia


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