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    hi there
    This little birdy would like to know...
    Where do you work?
    She would like to show you how amazing your workplace could be if you join Animals Australia's 'Cage-Free Workplace' initiative. Don't worry — the name of your workplace won't be recorded anywhere. Enter the name of your workplace to see what it's all about!
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  • 1) You & your workplace
    Your full name:
    Name of your workplace (incl. branch/dept if applicable):
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    4) Nearly there

    Thanks ! Your cage-free workplace pack will be in the mail shortly! Would you like to make a donation to help cover production and postage costs?

  • Sign up now to get your
    'Cage-Free Workplace kit'!

    So you want to free battery hens from cages? And make a cage-free workplace? Fantastic! Getting your workplace to go cage-free can sometimes be as easy as asking. But we'd like to post you a 'cage-free workplace kit' that will make it even easier. Your free kit will include:

    •   The step-by-step guide to getting your workplace to go cage-free.
    •   A handy info-sheet to help convince the boss and/or your coworkers.
    •   A thumb drive with informative videos to show your coworkers.
    •   An egg labelling cheat-sheet.
    •   A certificate you can all be proud of.
    •   A 'no cage eggs in here' fridge magnet.
  • So are you
    ready to give
    it a shot?
    I have some questions first
  • And because this little chicken believes in you.
  • Because you'll get to hang this sweet certificate on your lunch room wall.
  • Because all you need is a little dedication
    and our step-by-step guide.
  • And because you don't have to lead the company
    to lead the company.
  • Because every worthy idea
    needs a leader.
  • And by inspiring kindness in
    others you can free countless hens
    from this.
  • Because compassion is contagious.
  • Because all the cool companies are doing it.
  • Because you'd never eat cage eggs at home
    So why turn a blind eye at work?
  • Why should be the next
    `cage-free workplace`?