The Super Living Expo

24th February 2008

The Super Living Expo (formerly the Cruelty Free Lifestyle Expo) started in 2002. As Australia's first vegan expo, it continues to be unique; offering stalls, free workshops and talks, live music and a huge raffle. The Expo is for everyone interested in maintaining or exploring vegan living. Run entirely by volunteers this event combines fun and facts through showcasing businessess selling vegan products, not-for-profit groups, campaigns and presentations.

People choose the vegan lifestyle for many reasons: it saves millions of animals from cruelty and death; it saves the environment from the devastating effects of ruin and pollution from raising animals for food; it helps free up land for crop growing to feed millions of people; and some people do it for their own personal health reasons - it is, simply, the best and purest diet. We are afterall, biologically not suited to eat animals or animal products

The Expo brings with it super lifestyle ideas for the future of the animals, the environment and the people of planet earth. For more information visit:


The Super Living Expo will be held inside and outside Northcote Town Hall (Cr High St and Westbourne Grve, Northcote)

Melways ref: 30 E9

You can catch the number Tram 86, which departs from Bourke Street in the city
and runs via Smith St Collingwood, up High St Northcote and stops out the front of the town hall.


It will kick off at 10 am - 5 pm.

How much?

Admission is $5 or $10 to receive a green showbag filled with goodies! Children free!

Email us at

Please contact Peter Carr for any further information on (03) 8383 3072

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