6 lambs who will never be cold again

These pictures of rescued lambs are enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.

LAST UPDATED: 19 July 2021

These lambs are one in a million ... or, more accurately, six very fortunate little lambs who were saved from becoming some of the estimated ten to fifteen million lambs who die every year in Australia, often from exposure. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, it's all sunshine, rainbows and wagging tails from here on in for this lucky few.

When it comes to looking after some of the most vulnerable little fellas on this planet, we reckon the team at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary — aka heaven on earth for lambs — have got it right:


Little Elsa had barely experienced life before it was about to slip away again. The newborn was discovered "almost frozen" and not expected to live, but with emergency medical care and desperately-needed warmth, the tiny lamb was able to stand, and found her voice hours later. Read Elsa's full story here.

Soda Pop

When Soda Pop was brought to Edgar's Mission, she was so weak that Director and Founder Pam Ahern "didn't think she would last the night". Soda Pop had been born with a deformity in her legs that meant her chances of surviving were even weaker than other lambs. But she was as "determined to survive" as the team at Edgar's were to help her — and the result? One happy little lamb who will live out the rest of her days with all the love and care she deserves. Read Soda Pop's full story here.


Can you guess which day of the week this beautiful girl's life was saved? Wednesday was discovered alone, hungry and cold by the side of the road by a kind stranger whose quick-thinking compassion meant she received the care (and adorable pink jacket) she needed to not just survive ... but to thrive. Read Wednesday's full story here.


Grace's umbilical cord was still attached when the shivering, sodden lamb was brought to the local vet in the middle of the night. With lots of TLC — and the comfort of a stuffed elephant — this now snow-white little beauty will never have to worry about being left alone again. Read Grace's full story here.


Monday had become stuck in a fence and was languishing in the cold before a good samaritin bundled the tiny lamb in their arms and got in touch with the kind folk at Bed an Broccoli. So began the start of his new life, and after a brief holiday at the vegan bed and breakfast (talk about landing on your feet ... ) his road trip began to Edgar's Mission where the shy boy is learning just how great life can be. Read Monday's full story here.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan was only a few days old, and was undersized and sick when he was bundled up by a caring member of the public — and in that kind moment his life changed, for the better. You can see just how happy he was to be welcomed at the sanctuary in the video below, and read his full story here.


Winter is the toughest time of year for lambs and their mums — and the busiest time of year for farm sanctuaries like Edgar's Mission who are inundated with orphans like Elsa, Soda Pop, Wednesday, Grace, Monday and Peter Pan. For more heartwarming rescue stories (and pics of adorable lambs of course) follow their facebook page and discover how you can help by visiting their website.

Haven't had enough cute lambs yet? Watch this.

There is so much cute and SO much happy in this video, it'll make you forget about the cold for at least a little while ...

On behalf of sweet little lambs everywhere, thank you for making kind choices for animals this winter.

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