Greyhound racing export cruelty exposed on ABC's 7.30


When our investigators followed the greyhound racing money trail out of Australia and into China, what they found there will break your heart...


LAST UPDATED: 14 December 2015

Since cracking the lid open on brutal 'live-baiting' and mass killings in Australian greyhound racing circles, our investigators have uncovered another dark side to this industry: Australian greyhounds are being exported to certain death in China and Macau. On the ABC's 7.30 program, Gold Walkley winner Caro Meldrum-Hanna and her team have once again brought the plight of Australia's greyhounds out of the shadows — and onto prime-time TV.

You can watch the full explosive exposé here, or online at the 7.30 homepage.

For these dogs, [export] is actually a death sentence, a straight out death sentence.Lyn White AM, Campaign Director, Animals Australia

Australia is literally exporting greyhound racing cruelty to the world. The Vietnamese greyhound racing industry, where unwanted dogs are injected with an insecticide and die in agony, was set up by Australian industry interests.

While at Macau's infamous Canidrome, a constant stream of young Aussie greyhounds are treated for injuries caused by a track that is far too hard. Leg and neck fractures are commonplace — and none of the dogs will survive longer than three years. This is an industry that is rotten to the core.

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