Cruelty on board live export ships exposed on ABC's 7.30


One of Australia's most experienced vets was dragged through the coals by the Department of Agriculture after reporting the truth about the daily suffering experienced by animals on Australian live export vessels.

PUBLISHED ON: 22 June 2016

Less than a week has passed since our latest investigation which revealed the sledgehammering to death of Australian animals exported to Vietnam — but already another dark chapter in the live export saga has been exposed: the terrible suffering endured by animals on live export ships.

ABC's 7.30 program has exposed the shocking evidence — and the appalling treatment of the vet who tried to create change. 

After 57 live export voyages, Dr Lynn Simpson saw a new position with the Department of Agriculture as an opportunity to drive improvements on ships for animals. But when she presented her employer with a thorough and graphic account of the systemic welfare issues on board vessels, her report was accidentally made public. 

And the live export industry wasn't happy.

Dr Simpson was swiftly removed from her position and effectively exiled, the Department explaining "the industry has expressed the view that they cannot work with you."

I was gutted. It told me that the [live export] industry was controlling the regulator. For the industry to be able to kick a government employee out of a government job, it speaks volumes, it is a form of corruption and that is all there is to it. I was a clean player in a dirty game, and I think it's disgusting they've shut me down.Dr Lynn Simpson

Demand justice

These damning revelations show, once again, that the Department of Agriculture is hopelessly conflicted in its role as regulator and facilitator of the live export trade. Which leaves the animals — and those who dare to speak up for them — to pay the price.

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