The world is changing. All over the world, supermarkets are dropping cage eggs. But not ALDI. Thousands of ALDI customers have asked nicely. But still ALDI insists on cruelly caging hens. Now we need your help to send a message ALDI can’t ignore.

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She can't take the 'supermarket switch' challenge.

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Her beak was mutilated without pain relief. She never sees sunshine. She can’t stretch or walk a single step. Every day ALDI refuses to commit to a cage egg phase out, more birds suffer this fate.

ALDI is ignoring pleas from thousands of caring customers who have inundated the company online. So we’re taking this campaign to the streets. Our media agency is on standby to lock in prime outdoor locations around the country that will guarantee maximum heat on ALDI. But we need your help to make it a reality.

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