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Animals Australia's 'Recipe for Cruelty' ad wins Avant Card's 'Postcard of the Year' award!


PUBLISHED ON: 2 February 2008

At an awards ceremony at the Sydney Opera House last Thursday night a unique advertising initiative to highlight the plight of pigs in factory farms won the inaugural Avant Card Postcard of the Year!

The "Lame and Pained Pork Pie" recipe card was part of public awareness campaign conducted by Animals Australia and Voiceless last year. The brilliant concept of using recipes to reveal the suffering endured by factory-farmed pigs was created by Sydney Advertising Firm LOUD, a great friend of Animals Australia who have generously provided their creative genius in support of our campaigns.

Twelve designs had been nominated for the Postcard of the Year. The winner was then chosen by a panel of leading Sydney advertising executives. The "Lame and Pained Pork Pie" card also was third in the People's Choice Award.

The judge who nominated the design for the award commented:

More and more people consider themselves 'foodies' these days — but they have no idea about the source of the 'food' they eat. (The card) uses the lure of the classic recipe card to get foodies to learn about animal cruelty when they least expect it ...It is not 'a bloody ad on a card'; rather it is an appetising little trap that continues to work its magic on others when stuck to the fridge.

Animals Australia's Executive Director Glenys Oogjes was at the Sydney Opera House to receive the award, accompanied by $10,000 of advertising with Avant Cards. In her acceptance speech she said:

I am delighted to receive this award tonight on behalf of Animals Australia, Voiceless — our wonderful friends at advertising firm LOUD, and of course on behalf of the animals that both Animals Australia and Voiceless exist to represent.

There is no more difficult task in animal welfare than representing the interests of farm animals. They don't evoke the same empathy or financial support as bears, whales and dogs, yet their ability to suffer is no different.

Reaching the hearts and minds of Australians as to the plight of factory farmed pigs in this country was a challenge that the brilliant creative minds at LOUD willingly embraced when we explained what these intelligent, curious and affectionate animals endured in factory farms in Australia. The images of pregnant and mother pigs confined in metal crates the same size of their bodies, and piglets having surgical procedures performed without pain relief were as always a cause for disbelief. How could this possibility be happening in Australia?!

Well it does ... and only continues because Australians aren't aware.

We are enormously grateful to LOUD for coming up with the recipe concepts that helped Australians awaken to the fact that unbeknownst to them some of the key ingredients behind the production of intensively farmed pork, bacon and ham products is suffering.. and ... that we all have a choice through the decisions that we make at supermarkets not to support animal cruelty.

Does the taste of cruelty make you cringe? Click here to find out what you can do to help pigs on factory farms.

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