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...and stuck them right in front of their supermarkets.

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If you’re a member or supporter of Animals Australia, may we start by saying your hair looks amazing today. Also, we’d like to come clean about something.

We didn’t make this campaign for you.

We made it for the person you know who still buys cage eggs. That person who refuses to even look at the image of a battery cage. The person who knows there’s something not quite right in the egg aisle, but doesn’t want to admit it.

These people shop at the same places you do. Greedy corporations are using them as an excuse to keep propping up the battery cage industry. But we have a plan to reach them. And to do so, we are going where no animal protection organisation has gone before. Just for a moment, we’re setting aside appeals for compassion. And justice. We’re ignoring science. And pretending we don’t all share a collective sense of decency and responsibility to our fellow species. We’re putting aside all of that.

For a brutish man in an egg suit.

Got it? Great. Now we can come clean about something else. That bit about ignoring science? Well, we lied. Actually, it is science.

Sideways glances. Scowls. Psychologists call this tapping into ‘social norms’. It’s powerful. No-one likes a ‘bad egg’.

Through some sort of complicated matrix that only our pro bono media buyer can explain, we’ve discovered that cage egg shoppers watch a lot of TV. So we’re sneaking these ads in their favourite shows: My Kitchen Rules, Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, and The Living Room to name a few.

But we’re not stopping there. We also took these iconic images...

And by the way ... ads outside supermarkets asking shoppers to NOT buy cruel products inside those supermarkets? So far as we know this is a first!

This bit we made for you.

Now that you know how a ridiculous man in an egg costume is going to save hens, you should also know this: this is just one part of our ongoing work to eliminate the battery cage. Not for a second have we stopped corporate and political lobbying, exposing cruelty, or community campaigning. It all adds up. And it’s working. But none of it would be happening without the support of people like you.

And speaking of you, it really shouldn’t be up to people like you to fix the evils of factory farming. But truth is, together we’re it. Without us the animals have no-one.

So we’d like to take time out for 1 minute to say thank you:

We’re making history together. The cage egg industry knows its days are numbered. But we can’t ease off the pressure now. Make today count for hens. Choose one key action and help give chickens the life they deserve:

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