Dog breeder 'Calstead Collies' pleads guilty to cruelty

A Victorian dog breeder publicly exposed for cruelty and neglect has been held to account in court.

LAST UPDATED: 27 March 2015

UPDATE — Outcome of court case

In July 2014, the owner of Calstead Collies pleaded guilty to cruelty charges in court, and was put on a good behaviour bond. She has also been required to reduce the number of dogs in her custody to two. Significantly, after two years of Animals Australia's lobbying, in October 2014 Dogs Victoria revoked her membership for five years, which means she can no longer show her dogs for this period, and therefore she no longer has an exemption from having to comply with state animal welfare laws and regulations.

We are in regular contact with the local Council, which has been excellent to deal with and couldn’t be more committed in doing everything within their power to stop puppy factories operating within their jurisdiction.


Footage of dogs kept in deplorable conditions at Calstead Collies led to a cruelty investigation in November 2012, and the owner of the property being charged with 80 offences. The court case is continuing, with the next hearing expected to take place in December 2013.

If you were one of the thousands to speak out for these dogs, THANK YOU!

The video evidence provided to Animals Australia, and aired on Today Tonight, sparked a huge public outcry. Casey Council and Dogs Victoria were flooded with letters urging them to take firm action.

Thanks to your efforts, and those of Casey Council, those responsible for this cruelty can now be held to account in a court of law.

The evidence gathered was damning: dogs without free access to water or bedding, and many who were not being exercised. In the worst cases, dogs were being confined in what can only be described as 'upright tombs', with no fresh air and no sunlight.


  • Thank Casey Council for holding those responsible for this cruelty to account. You can send them a quick message here.
  • By pledging to adopt, not buy, you can help save a life and ensure that you are not supporting irresponsible breeders or puppy farms.

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