Changing attitudes: Politicians on live export

The movement against live export cruelty is growing stronger as more and more politicians speak up for animals. Hear from some of these inspiring leaders in the Federal Parliament.

LAST UPDATED: 4 September 2017

One clear conclusion

As it becomes increasingly apparent that the sky won't fall in when live export ends — and that moving away from this cruel trade will not only be good news for animals, but for Australian farmers — politicians are listening closely to those they represent, and agreeing that the live export industry has had enough chances.

Ed Husic MP — "It's the right thing to do."

Calls, letters, emails: the Labor MP for Chifley has heard the concerns of his electorate who want live export to end. He too has now seen enough to  believe there can be no guarantee that Australian animals will not suffer abuse overseas.

"Seeing those repeated instances of mistreatment led me to the firm view that we now need to prepare for the transition from live animal exports to a domestic chilled, frozen and processed meat industry... It needs to be done; it has to be done." – Ed Husic, MP

Stephen Jones MP — "We have a duty of responsibility."

Reflecting upon community values and concern for animal welfare, the Labor MP for Throsby agrees that animal cruelty is never acceptable — and that the live export industry's appalling track record leads to one inevitable conclusion. 

"There are many people within my electorate who contact me on a daily and weekly basis and demand action from the government. I add my voice to their concerns and say we need a change of policy." — Stephen Jones, MP

Andrew Wilkie MP — "Prime Minister, will you give a personal guarantee?"

The Independent MP for Denison recently challenged the Prime Minister to take real action for animals like Jacob — a gentle Brahman who was brutally killed in Egypt.

Creating change for animals

Political support for live export deteriorates with each new investigation that exposes cruelty. Federal MPs are realising that sending animals to countries where laws do not protect them from cruelty is not only unethical but it sends a terrible message to the next generation about how animals in our care should be treated. Your political representatives are paying attention to what you think about this trade — they are the change makers and it is your voice that will drive change for animals.

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