Inspiring Kindness on Community Radio

Inspiring Kindness on Community Radio The Cruelty-Free Project

Animals Australia was delighted to have the recent opportunity to help produce a new radio campaign that aims to inspire Australians to adopt cruelty-free lifestyle choices: The Cruelty-Free Project.

Eight unique minute-long radio spots were produced to raise community awareness about critical consumer issues including animal testing, pet overpopulation, dairy, battery hens, animal circuses, and factory farming.

Cruelty Free Project WebsiteThe campaign is expected to reach over 6 million listeners as it airs throughout the Australian Community Radio Network via satellite for the next 6 months, and is also picked up by individual stations.

Radio stations across the country were supplied with supporting materials to help facilitate discussion on these important topics. The radio campaign is also supported by an engaging multimedia website to assist those interested in taking steps to help animals.

The Cruelty-Free Project was a collaborative initiative of Australia's leading animal advocacy groups and the Australian Community Radio Broadcasting Association. Animals Australia played an instrumental role in developing radio scripts and the supporting online media for the campaign. We would like to thank our collaborators Voiceless, Compassion in World Farming, Animal Liberation QLD, Animal Liberation NSW, Brightside Farm Sanctuary and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia for making this inspiring project possible.

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