VICTORY: World’s largest foodservice company commits to cutting cage eggs!

Compass Group has pledged to go 100% cage egg free, sparing millions of hens globally from life in a cage.


LAST UPDATED: 20 September 2016

Could this be the beginning of the end for battery cages globally? Just weeks ago, one of the largest foodservice companies in the world, Sodexo, committed to phasing out their use of cage eggs. What would top that news? THE largest foodservice company in the world matching that commitment.

Every day, Compass Group feeds millions of people right around the world in schools, workplaces and hospitals. They cater for companies like Amazon, eBay, Mars, Nestlé, Target, Glencore, BHP Billiton and Sony. They even plate up for fans and stars at Wimbledon and the Grammys!

Compass Group have announced that they will be cage egg free worldwide by 2025 across all 45 countries they operate in (including Australia). That's millions of hens who will be spared life in a tiny wire cage. Setting an expiry date on cage eggs is significant. It puts industry on notice, moves investments away from battery cages and motivates other corporations to follow suit.

Of course, we would love for every company to end its support of battery cages today (or even yesterday)! Though, we know any large scale commercial shifts are typically made over a phase-out period. So, regardless of the date set, we encourage companies to complete their transition as soon as they can. With fast food giant, Hungry Jack's, phasing out cage eggs ahead of schedule — we know it's possible.

This news is another major victory for the Open Wing Alliance — a coalition of some of the most effective animal protection groups around the world, including Animals Australia, who have joined forces to free hens from battery cages globally.

The verdict on battery cages is in and caring consumers want hens out. Thanks to people like you speaking out, foodservice companies, retailers and fast food chains are realising there's no future in cage eggs. Together, we're paving the way to a kinder world for hens.

Consumers driving change

This landmark victory for hens would not have happened without the rise in public concern for animals in factory farms. Become part of a growing community of caring people making more informed and kinder choices for animals. Download our egg labelling cheat sheet — and share it with your friends.

Cage Barn laid and RSPCA Approved Indoor1 Certified free range2 and RSPCA Approved Outdoor1 Certified organic3
Are hens confined in cages? YES NO NO NO
Are hens provided with a nest/perch? NO YES YES YES
Do hens have space to flap their wings/exercise? NO YES (restricted)4 YES YES
Do hens have access to an outdoor range? NO NO YES YES
Are hens allowed to be 'debeaked'? YES YES MAYBE
(depends on certification body)3
Are male chicks killed at birth?** YES YES YES YES
Are hens sent to slaughter from 18 months old?** YES YES YES YES

Click here for the full details.


Make a difference for hens today!

Want to go a step further for hens? Discover how your everyday choices can help spare them a life of confinement and cruelty!

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