8 tasty dairy-free cheese brands in Australia

Be kind to calves (and their mums!) with these dairy-free delights.

LAST UPDATED: 17 November 2020

More people than ever are exploring the delicious world of animal-friendy foods and doing good things for their health, the environment and animals.

But what happens when you've got cravings for cheesy pizzas, toasties and cheesecake? Well the good news is with 1 in 6 Aussies moo-ving away from dairy, the number of dairy-free options is exploding. So it's easier than ever to have your cow-friendly cheesecake and eat it too!

We've tried and tested the best dairy-free cheeses out there and here some of our favourites...


Enter: the ultimate all-rounder. BioCheese is delicious on just about anything and amazingly, its key ingredient is coconut oil. There's an extensive range including cheddar blocks, slices, shreds, creamy feta, parmesan, cream cheese and even halloumi!

Left: Biocheese | Right: PHOTO - MyLife

Available at Coles, some IGAs, Woolworths, speciality shops and online (please see below).


You can find several of the Sheese range in Woolworths stores — mozzarella shreds (pictured), mature cheddar style, Red Leicester slices and 'cream sheese'.

Left: Sheese Mozzarella | Right: PHOTO - Bute Island Foods

Available at Woolworths, specialty shops and online (please see below).


This is cheese with attitude, and it's the go-to when you're after sharp, punchy flavours. It's perfect in a creamy sauce, shaved over pasta, or melted into a rich, savoury fondue. With just half the fat of dairy cheese, it's as friendly to you as it is to the cows!

Left: Vegusto | Right: PHOTO - Maplespice Eats

Available at speciality shops and online (please see below).

AVS Organic Foods

AVS have a huge variety of tasty, dairy-free cheeses, including almond feta, cheddar, flavoured soft cheeses, parmesan and even blue cheese!

PHOTOS: AVS Organic Foods

Available at speciality stores and online.


Weave your magic in the kitchen with seven delectable flavours of this plant-based cheese. The hard part is knowing what to make first! Whether you've got an appetite for golden, melted goodness on nachos, cheeseburgers or pizzas — Cheezly has a variety for just about everything (from mild mozzarella to blue-style cheese, and several in between!)

Left: Cheezly | Right: PHOTO - healthysoycooking

Available at speciality shops and online (please see below).

Dairy Free Down Under

Dairy Free Down Under have a huge range of products including cheddar and mozzarella shreds and slices, and even a cashew parmesan. You can find them at independent supermarkets and specialty stores, and you can also get their cheddar slices and mozzarella shreds at Costco stores nationwide! Click here to find a stockist near you.

Photo: Dairy Free Down Under

Available at independent supermarkets and Costco.


Impress your friends and take your favourite dishes to the next level by adding these melty, stretchy, cheesy shreds. If you're in the mood for something quick and easy, try Daiya shreds oozing out of quesadillas or in a super creamy mac and cheese! Not only is it free from dairy, but it's gluten-free, too.

Left: Daiya | Right: PHOTO - Daiya Foods

Available at some IGAs, speciality shops and online (please see below).


If you're in the mood for dessert (and still have room for it) — Tofutti 'Better Than Cream Cheese' is the best base for making dairy-free cheesecakes. It's also the perfect ingredient for making cream cheese frosting and slathering on bagels. Not to mention it's totally free from animal fat!

Left: Tofutti 'better than cream cheese' | Right: PHOTO - Tofutti Brands Inc.

Available at Coles, Woolworths, some IGAs, speciality shops and online (please see below).

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Major supermarkets are beginning to fill their fridges with more dairy-free items. Health food stores and speciality shops are another good option for finding your favourite brands and flavours of vegan cheese.

And if you haven't quite found what you're looking for — ask your local retailers to stock these plant-based cheeses! Businesses rely on customer feedback so it's a great opportunity to show there's demand for compassionate choices.

If you prefer to shop online, check out The Cruelty-Free Shop and Vegan Perfection, who deliver right to your door.

To see some more animal-friendly cooking tips and meal ideas — order your FREE Veg Starter Kit here (all recipes are plant-based and therefore, dairy-free):

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