What’s wrong with shooting ducks? (aside from the obvious)

1 in 4 birds shot aren’t killed instantly. Many are left to drown or die slowly from their injuries.

Threatened species are being killed, including one of the world’s rarest waterbirds.

Pristine wetlands are being polluted by rotting carcases and shotgun cartridges.

Here’s how we’re defending the defenceless (with the help of some amazing people)


Exposing cruelty

Our investigators captured harrowing scenes of destruction and cruelty across Victoria’s wetlands.

Warning: Disturbing content

Uncovering crimes

We discovered dozens of illegally massacred 'protected' species — some still alive and suffering a week after being shot.

Wildlife rescue

Dedicated volunteer wildlife rescuers brave freezing conditions and shot-gunfire to retrieve animals left wounded or dead by shooters.

Public awareness


We’ll be reminding politicians at every turn that duck shooting doesn’t only destroy lives, it destroys families.

On billboards

Elite Australian athletes are sending the powerful message that sport is about fairness and courage, not cruelty.


This campaign was made possible thanks to thousands of individuals who know that there’s nothing fun about killing.

Until it’s done.

With your help, we will fight until our wetlands are free from gunfire, safe from shooters, and our native waterbirds can once again call them home.

Stand up to animal shooters with us.Let’s make the world a safer place for animals

Be a force for justice:

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No birds were harmed for the purpose of making of this public awareness campaign. Ducks pictured are actual casualties of the 2016 duck shooting season — killed and abandoned by shooters on the Victorian wetlands.

Thank you

To all of our supporters, and the wonderful people who have kindly given their time and expertise to stand up for ducks, including:

ATHLETES: Peter Siddle, David Zaharakis, Erin Phillips and Sharni Layton

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Verve Portraits, Teardrop Studio, Emma Leslie Photography and Underground Media

LEGAL TEAM: Shatha Hamade, Daniel Star, Krystyna Grinberg, Timothy Goodwin and Daniel Beecher

ON THE WETLANDS: Coalition Against Duck Shooting and all of the dedicated volunteers

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