Easy guide to a delicious cruelty-free Christmas dinner

Hoping to enjoy a traditional Christmas meal this year that’s super delicious and completely cruelty-free ... but you’re running out of time and ideas? Then this is the guide for you.


PUBLISHED ON: 18 December 2014

There are zillions of amazing recipes available online, but at this time of year – who’s got time to trawl the internet looking for them? We do (well, in the spirit of Christmas — we made time!). Here's proof you can still stuff yourself silly and be kind to animals who suffer in the production of milk, meat and eggs (not to mention impress the socks off your family and friends) at the same time!


I wanna cook: these Zucchini, Corn and Mint fritters by The Kind Cook are such a big fave. You can eat them hot or cold and they’re great with just about any sauce you can think of. Just a warning though, they’re quite filling so as tough as it is – go easy if you’re planning on snacking before your the main meal.

I can’t be bothered/don’t have time to cook: Too easy. Get yourself a big plate, and whip up an antipasto selection — it never fails to impress. Water and rice crackers, bread, and chips without animal products are easy to find just about anywhere — as are dips these days (most of these are well-labelled as ‘dairy-free’ too — check out Veggieful.com’s list of vegan dips available from Coles and Woolworths). Then just grab your favourite marinated veggies, ie. olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, eggplant etc. from the supermarket deli section or the jarred items in the gherkin aisle and voila!

I have a sweet tooth: There are heaps of lollies and biscuits available that don’t contain animal products — to name just a few: Wizz Fizz, Chupa Chups, Life Savers, Ricci Licorice, Mentos, Pez, Skittles, Oreos, Arnotts chocolate ripple/nice/lemon crisp/ginger nut ... and more! Get a list of other products here.

CHRISSIE DINNER: The ‘meat’ (minus the animal)

Sanitarium sells this nifty little roast at most Coles supermarkets – they’re SO easy to prepare, and make for a yummy alternative that we’re pretty sure would be approved by turkeys and pigs everywhere. Tofurkey is also famous for being a delicious alternative to turkey and is available from cruelty-free shops and good organic stores. If ‘fake meat’ isn’t your thing, superstar chef Jamie Oliver has got your back – with this creamy and decadent nut roast recipe (those with nut allergies might like to try Tammie’s Tofu Turkey).

Don’t forget the gravy! Good news: Gravox Traditional Gravy is animal-free (and available just about everywhere!)

CHRISSIE DINNER: The veggiesPhoto & recipe: oatmealwithafork.com

Veggies cooked in olive oil (rather than butter or lard) can not only be better for you, but they are abso-freaking-lutely delicious (and of course, it’s kinder for animals, too!). Check out this recipe for balsamic rosemary roasted veggies for the perfect accompaniment to your cruelty-free roast. If you’re a potato fan (and let’s be honest, everyone is) you may also want to stuff yourself further with these crispy squashed baby roasted taters and/or toffee sweet potato.


It’s not Christmas without stuffing yourself stupid and then somehow finding room for puddin’, afterall! Enjoying the classic desserts on Christmas day is ... well ... a piece of cake. Check out these recipes for Christmas Pudding and Brandy ‘Butter’ — as well as super-easy (and last minute) Christmas Fruit Cake and fruit mince pies!

Whether it’s your first cruelty-free Christmas or you’re a seasoned (ha) expert ... you can enjoy an incredible feast on the 25th while also inspiring others to do the same! Don’t be afraid to make extra portions to share — there's no better way to encourage your friends and family to make kinder choices for animals than by showing them just how easy (and tasty!) it is to do.

Happy cooking! (and eating ... and drinking ...)

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If you have any tips or favourite animal-free Christmas foods and drinks — we’d love to hear from you! Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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