Animals Australia 4 things every animal has in common…

There are people in this world who see animals for who they are. They know it’s not the colour of one’s fur, or the shape of one’s snout that matters. Because all sentient beings deserve protection.

These people practice small but profound acts of kindness every day — from how they act, and what they eat, to where they donate.

These people are changing the world for animals.

Thank you for being one of them.

Here’s to a kinder world.

Do something kind today:


Direct your donations to an organisation like Animals Australia — and support work that helps animals in need, while unravelling the root cause of industrialised cruelty.


1 in 3 Australians are saving animals from cruelty in slaughterhouses and factory farms by cutting out or cutting back on meat. Click here to join them.


People in over 100 different countries are calling on governments to end the global live export trade. Add your voice.

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Animals Australia

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