Victory — Hungry Jack's commits to phasing out cage eggs!

You did it! Hungry Jack's has become the latest big player in the food industry to commit to phasing out cage eggs — thanks to you!


LAST UPDATED: 8 October 2019

Wouldn’t it be nice if big companies actually listened to caring people and used their power to help end some of the cruellest farming practices? Well, it’s happening.

Public pressure has convinced the fast food industry’s biggest egg user — McDonald’s — and company with the most outlets — Subway — to stop supporting the cruel battery cage system. More recently, Hungry Jack's followed suit with their committment to go completely cage-free!

When McDonald's announced its decision to phase out cage eggs in response to a tireless social media campaign, kind Facebook citizens were inspired to ensure other food companies knew that they needed to do likewise. And it worked! Subway soon revealed plans for their own cage egg phase out, and later, this announcement from Hungry Jack's brought a cage-free future even closer!

Comments flood Subway's facebook page.

McDonald's, Hungry Jacks and Subway's landmark decisions reflect a growing trend. More and more companies are recognising that customers are increasingly concerned about the suffering of animals raised for food. In what could well be the tipping point in the fight against the battery cage, mega-companies Coles, Woolworths, Nestle, Heinz, Subway and McDonalds have now all signalled a major shift away from cage eggs. And it’s all happening, because you demanded it.

These decisions alone will re-shape the egg industry in Australia and weaken support for a cruel ‘farming’ system that should never have existed. But with laws failing animals, and while other companies continue to profit from battery cage cruelty, millions of hens continue to suffer in cages with no end in sight.

Help us keep this domino effect flowing! Whether big or small, every business can be a part of the cage egg-free movement! Learn how you can get your school or workplace involved in becoming cage-free!

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