Four Corners win Golden Walkley for live export story


LAST UPDATED: 4 December 2015

There's no doubt that Animals Australia's investigation into the treatment of cattle exported to Indonesia was one of the stories of the year. At the 2011 Walkley Awards, Four Corners were awarded the most prized honour of the night, the 2011 Golden Walkley, for their report "A Bloody Business", which exposed this shocking story to the Australian public.

In announcing the award, the Walkley Foundation said:

Four Corners held up an unflinching mirror to Australia's live export trade and exposed levels of cruelty that shocked the nation.

'A bloody business' tackled an intensely difficult and emotion-charged subject with rigour, intelligence, thoughtfulness and context. Many viewers were repulsed and angered, and the story ignited a national debate about a long-standing failure of both the Australian government and the livestock industry to ensure the humane slaughter of animals it exported.

Footage shot by the animal activist group Animals Australia showed cattle being eye gouged and whipped, and dying slowly after their throats were improperly slit.

The story and its repercussions had an enormous impact on the Gillard government, which scrambled to be seen to be doing something in a bid to staunch the fierce criticism of its previous failure to act.

Congratulations to Four Corners, for this much deserved honour. If you missed this hard-hitting story, you can still watch it on the Four Corners website.

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