URGENT: Unite to outlaw full inversion slaughter boxes

PAUSE AUTO-PLAY WARNING: This video contains some extremely graphic images

Live export and farming lobby groups have been quick to tell the public they support animal welfare and would like us to work with them. Here's their chance.

LAST UPDATED: 29 May 2019

The Australian steer pictured above was brutally killed inside a 'full inversion slaughter box' in Israel. This box would be illegal in Australia, the USA and the UK due to the extreme suffering it causes. But it is still deemed an 'acceptable' way for animals to die in the live export trade.

"In cattle the position of the internal organs, in particular the rumen, means that inversion will result in severe distress. Unlike horses, they cannot even lie on their sides for any period of time. The respiratory system is the most affected, with potential inhalation of digesta and blood...[T]he impact of the evident fear that inversion causes cannot be ignored."
-- Prof. Clive Phillips,
The Conversation, 7 May 2013

Once inside the box, cattle are tipped off their feet and turned upside-down. Terrified and completely immobilised, their necks are outstretched and exposed for a fully conscious throat cut. Forcing cattle into this unnatural position causes severe distress. The agony and terror of this ordeal is undeniable.

What many Australians will find alarming is that this device has been assessed and approved for use under Australia's live export regulations. Animals Australia has alerted the Australian Government to the terrible cruelty caused by this box, but so far our calls to have it banned have fallen on deaf ears.

We're reaching out to farming groups because despite our differences, if ever there was one issue we should agree on, it's that no animal deserves to endure this pain and suffering. And while live export continues for now, this needs to stop, IMMEDIATELY.

What are we asking of them? It's simple. We want them to recognise the suffering caused by full inversion slaughter boxes and to choose to no longer allow exported animals to be killed in them.

They can make this decision today.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, we need your help to publicly call on these groups:

Please urgently send a POLITE message using the links above to let them know that this doesn't reflect your idea of 'animal welfare'. Ask them to unite on behalf of animals to get 'full inversion slaughter boxes' banned once and for all. You may wish to include a direct link to this video in your message: www.vimeo.com/68603857

While our campaign continues, with your help we can save animals from the worst abuses of live export.

On behalf of animals, thank you!

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