VICTORY! Factory farm pig cruelty stopped in its tracks!

When caring people work together to be a voice for the animals — there are no limits to what we can achieve.


LAST UPDATED: 1 September 2017

The best way to save animals from suffering in factory farms is to stop factory farms from being built in the first place... and, after a nearly two-year long battle on behalf of the pigs, that's exactly what has happened in Harden, NSW!

When Blantyre Farms submitted plans to build an 'intensive piggery' in Harden, they clearly underestimated just how strong community opposition to factory farming is.

Local group, Say No to Blantyre Farms in Harden, immediately put their compassion into action — and have been working tirelessly for many months, determined to nip these cruel plans in the bud. And when Animals Australia members offered their support — our combined efforts resulted in a massive community backlash.

Just days before Christmas, Hilltops Council was flooded with a record number of submissions from caring people, who dropped everything over the festive season to rally behind the pigs and voice their opposition to Blantyre Farms' plans to confine thousands of these sensitive animals in a sprawling new factory farm.


Mother pigs at 'Golden Grove' — an 'intensive' piggery owned by Blantyre Farms. (Photos: Aussie Farms.)

Convinced by the thousands of comprehensive objections covering environmental, social and animal welfare concerns, The Environment Protection Authority and Office of Environment and Heritage both advised Hilltops Council that they would not provide General Terms of Approval for the proposed piggery.

Forward-thinking members of Hilltops Council showed a willingness to listen — and announced to a packed meeting room that Blantyre Farms' proposed factory farm has been officially, and finally, denied approval in Harden.

People power has prevailed, and this momentous decision is a win not only for the local community — but also a cause for hope for all the victims of factory farming cruelty.

Pigs are gentle, sensitive and highly intelligent animals.

This is indeed a time for celebration, however there is an even bigger win we can achieve...

We've worked together to save tens of thousands of pigs — and we have the power to save countless more.

The reality is that sensitive and intelligent animals like pigs and chickens are condemned to all the horrors of factory farming in order to 'feed' the demand for cheap meat and eggs.

But the good news is that we don't have to wait years for a council determination to take a stand against factory farm cruelty! All of us already have the power to make a positive difference to the lives of animals, each and every day.

Because whether it's facing the daily suffering of 'life' in a factory farm — or the unimaginable torment of slaughterhouses, both abroad and here at homeanimals deserve so much better.

How to be a hero for pigs (and all animals!)

  • Celebrate! Send a friendly email to Hilltops Council to let them know how glad you are about their decision.
  • Discover why pig bellies are so much better than 'pork belly' :)
  • Eat kindly. Find out why 1 in 3 Aussies are changing the way they eat, by cutting back on animal products or going meat-free altogether, in our Veg Starter Kit. Order your FREE copy today:

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