These kids are proof that a kinder world for animals lies ahead

These kids are proof that a kinder world for animals lies ahead
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This heart-warming video shows how beautiful the world could be if we all took the time to see through a child's eyes ...

LAST UPDATED: 16 February 2021

In the eyes of a child, you will see the world as it should be.Unknown

There's something truly unique about the bond shared between children and animals. When children look at an animal, they don't see 'livestock,' or 'game,' or 'pest,' or 'meat.' They see only 'friend'. And if we allow ourselves to see the world through a child's eyes, we can catch a glimpse into a kinder world.

These 6 friendships between children and animals (featured in the 1.5 minute video) show us how beautiful the world is when one simply looks upon it with kindness ...

Noah and Penguin the magpie
Noah Bloom and Penguin. Image: Cameron Bloom.

When 11 year old Noah brought home an abandoned magpie chick, the Bloom family didn't expect that they'd be welcoming a beloved new member into the family.

Penguin has since grown into a healthy magpie and is free to fly, but she chooses to stay close by when the Bloom's are at home.

She's here at 3:30pm usually when the kids get home from school. She sings when they come up the driveway. I never thought she'd become as much a part of the family as she has. They (the kids) love her like a dog, but better.Cameron Bloom

Follow the adventures of Penguin and the Bloom family on Penguin's Instagram.

Maya and the fawn
Maya comforts a little lost fawn. Image: YouTube/Brad Herring

When a tiny fawn stumbled into Maya's yard, the connection between girl and deer was instantaneous. Maya knew that what the fawn needed most was his/her mother. She gently led the deer to a safe place in the woods and Maya's dad said they later saw the fawn and mother together in their backyard, safely reunited.

Maya knows a simple truth that we too often forget as we get older ... to truly show our love for animals we should let them live their lives with their own species and loved ones. Watch Maya and the fawn's full story here.

Libby and Pearl the pig
Libby kisses her best friend Pearl. Image: Live Sweet Photography

From dressing in matching bows to dancing to Taylor Swift, two year old Libby and her best friend Pearl the pig are practically inseperable. Pearl has quickly become a much loved member of the family.

I really think that Pearl thinks she's a puppy doggy!Libby's mum, Lindsay

Pearl's family is not alone in realising that pigs and dogs have quite a lot in common. Much like dogs, pigs wag their tails when they're happy, will respond to their name when called and can be very loving companions. Find out more about pigs here.

Jonny and Nibbles the duck
Nibbles greets Jonny excitedly after school. Image: YouTube/Jamie Toschi

Nibbles quacks excitedly the moment he sees Jonny get off the school bus. When Nibbles' mother died, Jonny cared for her egg, which Nibbles hatched from. Nibbles and Jonny have shared a very special friendship ever since. The pair swim, play and watch TV together, just like best buds should.

There are few of us who have had the pleasure of getting to know a duck like Jonny has. Ducks, like all animals, have their own unique personalities and a desire to live and enjoy life. We reckon that if it was up to Jonny and Nibbles, duck shooting would be a thing of the past. Sadly, it's still a reality in some states of Australia. (You can help end it here.)

'Bean' and Izzy the calf
5 year old Bean sneaks Izzy into the house, and a beautiful moment ensues. Image: YouTube/Billie jo decker

Little 'Bean' loves Izzy the calf so much that she snuck her into the house for a cuddle. When asked to explain how Izzy got inside, Bean is a little lost for words, but luckily she and Izzy have adorableness on their side and nobody gets into trouble.

The bond shared between Bean and Izzy is so beautiful that while filming the two of them together, Bean's mother questions her own choice to eat these gentle and affectionate animals. Watch the incredible moment play out here.

Jonny and rescue dog Xena
Jonny and Xena are the very best of friends. Image: YouTube/Xena the Warrior Puppy

Having been diagnosed with autism, Jonny has always had a hard time making friends ... until Xena. When his parents adopted rescue dog Xena, she and Jonny formed an instant connection.

He is non-stop chatter now! He is the happiest child that I’ve ever seen him be in eight years.Jonny's mother, Linda

Together, Jonny and Xena help raise awareness for autism and the prevention of cruelty to animals. Follow their story here.


Perhaps the secret is that children see not with the eyes but with the heart. The child in each of us knows that we are all equal in our desire to live and be loved. Will you let your inner child shine through and guide the way to a kinder world? Take the first steps towards a compassionate life today.

One sees clearly only with the heart.

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