A Kinder Christmas appears in major Australian magazines!

This year, for the first time, Better Homes & Gardens and The Australian Women’s Weekly are showcasing a Christmas spread with all the trimmings — that is 100% animal-friendly!

LAST UPDATED: 19 January 2017

When most people picture a “traditional” Christmas lunch or dinner, chances are there’s an animal somewhere on table (and not because Fluffy is being mischievous!) That’s because, despite 1 in 4 Australians now either cutting out or cutting back on meat, most people’s image of a “festive feast” still involves a pig or a turkey who met an unlucky end.

Chances are, he or she came from a factory farm, too.

But as anyone who’s ever tried a delicious meat-free roast knows, it’s possible to celebrate tradition and kindness at the dinner table. That’s why we teamed up with two of Australia’s most influential magazines to showcase a Kinder Christmas spread that is 100% animal-friendly!

Better Homes & Gardens and The Australian Women's Weekly are two of the country's biggest-selling and most eagerly devoured publications. Together they reach more than four million people every single month. And this month — we’re spreading a little Christmas cheer, on behalf of animals:

Our Kinder Christmas spread in Better Homes & Gardens Our Kinder Christmas spread in The Australian Women's Weekly

Within just days of publication, hundreds of readers flocked to our Kinder Christmas website seeking inspiration and cruelty-free recipes.

For the animals who suffer daily in factory farms and slaughterhouses, only to end up on the Christmas table as 'dinner', this growing movement towards enjoying mouthwatering animal-friendly food is truly a Christmas miracle.

Make your Christmas tradition kindness!

Pledge to have a Kinder Christmas and we will send you a FREE beautiful winged pig ornament for your tree, as our gift to you.

Merry Christmas! Get your free Kinder Christmas ornament

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