Lion cubs Spike and Spot spared from circus cruelty!

PUBLISHED ON: 23 February 2012

Thanks to everyone who supported Animals Australiaís campaign to save lion cubs Spike and Spot from life in a travelling circus. The planned transfer of the young animals from Darling Downs Zoo to the circus hasn't taken place and it seems the cubs are staying put for now.

We have received feedback that the owners of Darling Downs Zoo reconsidered their plans after pressure from the media, the Zoo and Aquarium Association and the thousands of emails from concerned members of the public. This is very good news for the cubs and we applaud Darling Downs Zoo for taking the community's views seriously.

Spike and Spot are two of four lion cubs that were born in Darling Downs Zoo in October 2011. If the zoo had sent them to a circus, they would have spent the rest of their lives (potentially 20+ years) on the road in a small, barren enclosure with no opportunity to express their natural behaviour.

The voices of Animals Australia supporters played a critical role in helping to save these cubs from the cruelty of circus life. Thank you! We will be keeping a close watch on these cubs to ensure this decision by Darling Downs Zoo is final.

Meanwhile, you can help to save other animals from the misery of life in a circus by pledging to say no to animal circuses.

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