‘A Bloody Business’: routine, widespread and industry-facilitated cruelty to cattle exposed

‘A Bloody Business’: routine, widespread and industry-facilitated cruelty to cattle exposed
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ABC1's Four Corners exposé of the treatment of Australian cattle exported live to Indonesia showed a damning picture of this trade. Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia jointly launched a campaign to ban live animal export.

PUBLISHED ON: 30 May 2011

Watch videos from Indonesia: More investigations

The Four Corners  exposé featured never-before seen footage from Animals Australia's recent investigation into the live cattle trade to Indonesia. It also included Four Corners' own footage, taken a month later in the same abattoirs and showing similar atrocities as Animals Australia's investigators had witnessed.

Please watch the Four Corner's exposé of the treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesia and join our Ban Live Export campaign to help us end this trade.

Every year, millions of animals born into Australian care and protection are exported live, only to be killed in countries where there are no protections to safeguard their welfare.

Over the past seven years, Animals Australia has conducted investigations into the treatment of animals exported live to the Middle East. Footage from past investigations has routinely revealed the live export industry's willingness to export animals to countries regardless of how cruelly they will be treated.

Whilst consecutive Federal Governments continue to defend this indefensible trade, it is critical that all caring Australians be given the opportunity to learn the truth about live animal export. So please watch Four Corners online and encourage friends and family to watch it too.

When exposed on national television, evidence provided by Animals Australia was responsible for a ban on live sheep exports to Egypt. This time we need to achieve more. Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia joined forces in a call to ban live export now. And we have another strong ally in GetUp!

GetUp! will be presenting a petition to end live export during a joint press conference with Animals Australia, RSPCA Australia and the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU) in Canberra on Tuesday 31st May 2011 to demand that the Gillard Government immediately halts live export to Indonesia and commits to a phase out of the live animal export trade.


Independents Andrew Wilkie and Nick Xenophon have announced that they will introduce legislation to both houses of Federal Parliament to ban live exports.

On Tuesday 31st May 2011 Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig announced the suspension of live cattle exports to the 11 Indonesian abattoirs investigated by ABC's Four Corners.

On Wednesday 8th June 2011 Prime Minister Gillard announced a suspension on the live cattle trade to Indonesia.


Without the generosity of Animals Australia members and donors, investigations such as these would never have been possible. Please support our work today.

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