We'd seen factory farming. But we'd never seen this.

We'd seen factory farming. But we'd never seen this.
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She was standing waist deep in a pit of urine and faeces when investigators from Animal Liberation NSW found her. She was alone, with no food, and no water.


LAST UPDATED: 13 February 2017

Factory farms are notorious for treating living, feeling animals like production units. And this mother pig experienced firsthand what happens when animals slip through the cracks – in her case, literally.

Animal Liberation NSW investigators believe she had been stuck in the pit for at least 24 hours. It was only when authorities were alerted that she was pulled out.

While this mother’s story is somewhat unique, her suffering is not. Unlike prisons, in factory farms it is the victims who are locked up. And the routine cruelty inflicted on them has been legalised. Mother pigs can be locked behind bars in solitary crates for months, and their piglets often have their teeth and tails cut without pain relief.

Her piglets are taken from her within weeks of being born. Then the cycle of suffering repeats itself, until she can no longer get pregnant. Then she too is sent to slaughter.

Factory farms only exist in response to a demand for meat products. But together we’re changing this. Demand for plant-based food is on the rise, with research revealing millions of Australians are now taking meat off their plates – and in doing so are sparing animals from the cruelty of factory farming.

You too can be a part of the movement of people standing up to factory farming! Discover a world of kinder eating by ordering our FREE kit -- full of great tips, meal plans and recipes!


The world is a better place with happy pigs in it.

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