7 must-see documentaries you can stream right now

WARNING: These documentaries might change your life ...


LAST UPDATED: 10 May 2017

With seemingly endless shows ready to watch at the click of a button these days, it can be difficult to find the ones that you just have to see. So, we helped.

These 7 films will deliver everything you'd hope from a great documentary: insight, inspiration and the power to change the world.

What The Health

What is it that government and big business is keeping from us that's keeping us sick? And why? From the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy, What the Health follows filmmaker Kip Anderson as he explores the links between animal products and chronic diseases — with the help of doctors, researchers and consumer advocates — and investigates why leading health organisations might not be talking about them.

Watch What The Health on Vimeo.


This ground-breaking documentary has literally created a ripple effect of positive change for animals, starting with a drop in SeaWorld's attendance rates and culminating with SeaWorld announcing that it would never breed orcas again! Documenting the life of Tilikum, one of SeaWorld's captive orcas who sadly died in 2017, Blackfish is an emotional journey and a powerful testament to what compassion and awareness can achieve.

Watch Blackfish on Stan, iTunes and Google Play.


The idyllic image of pigs taking mud baths in wide open green paddocks is sadly far from the reality of pig farming as it exists today. Produced by Aussie Farms and made available for free, Lucent exposes the unseen suffering that happens every single day in the pig farming industry in Australia. Everyone should know the truth about where their food comes from and if you eat pork, bacon or ham, this documentary is essential viewing.

Watch Lucent for free on Aussie Farms website.


Virunga tells the story of a team of incredibly brave individuals who risk their lives every day to protect the world's last living mountain gorillas in the beautiful jungle of Congo. A unique combination of investigative journalism and nature documentary, Virunga is equally shocking and moving. You'll see a familiar name in the credits as staunch conservation activist Leonardo DiCaprio was the executive producer on this doco too.

Watch Virunga on Netflix.


A young environmentalist sets out on a quest to find out exactly what impact animal agriculture is having on the planet — and why nobody is talking about it. Cowspiracy is a truly eye-opening documentary that has been the spark of much conversation in a space where previously there was silence. It even grabbed the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio, who you can thank for the fact that you can now stream Cowspiracy on Netflix.

To find out how you can get started eating to help the planet right now, click here.

Watch Cowspiracy on Netflix or download from the Cowspiracy website.

The Cove

This heart-breaking documentary will change the way you think about animals in the entertainment industry. Driven by the demand for dolphins by aquariums and marine parks internationally, every year fishermen trap thousands of dolphins in a small cove in Taiji, Japan. The Cove follows a team of activists, equipped with state of the art tech, who attempt a real life 'mission impossible' to get inside this fiercely guarded cove. Shocking and life-changing, this documentary is definitely a must see.

Watch The Cove on Amazon and iTunes.


From the writer and director of Earthlings, comes a unique film about compassion and an invitation to see beyond gender, race, religion and species. Narrated by an epic 100 narrators, including Helen Mirren, Geoffrey Rush, Dr. Dre, Aaron Paul, Ellen DeGeneres and Kevin Spacey, Unity challenges us to look at what unites us, rather than divides us and suggests that this may be the very key to our survival.

Watch Unity on Vimeo, iTunes and Google Play.

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