Rainbow Kale Festive Salad

You Will Need:

  • 4 x cups roughly chopped kale (black, purple or green)
  • 2 x cups shredded red cabbage
  • 2 x finely sliced spring onions
  • 1 x beetroot grated
  • 4 x red radishes chopped in quarters
  • Half packet raw kelp noodles
  • 3 x tbsp tahini
  • 2 x tbsp olive oil/flaxseed oil
  • 2x lemons squeezed
  • Cracked pepper to taste
  • Handful coriander
  • 1/4-1/2 cup toasted tamari sunflower seeds (method below)
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Rainbow Kale Festive Salad

This is a colourful salad perfect for the festive season! Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants with a tahini dressing that gives a creamy texture, this salad is ideal for the warmer weather and makes a great accompaniment to any dish!



To save time you can skip the toasted sunflower seeds and garnish with raw pepitas instead.

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