5 perfect gifts for the animal-lover in your life

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond for animals? Whether it’s a special occasion, or whether you just want to show someone that they are appreciated — here are five perfect ways to say ‘thanks’…


PUBLISHED ON: 16 June 2015

OK — so we’ve done the research. We’ve sampled the products. And we’ve polled animal advocates to discover the most-cherished cruelty-free gifts you can give. All you need to worry about is what to write on the gift tag

These books

Have you ever seen an elephant cuddle a sheep? Or a bunny play with a duckling? Compassion, empathy and friendship aren't unique to humans! These heart-warming tales of 'Unlikely Friendships' between species, and rescue stories that speak to 'The Gift of Kindness', will make any animal-lover's heart soar!

WHY THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT: For anyone who loves animals and dreams of a kinder world, this is serious nourishment for the soul. Because both these inspiring books illustrate how wonderful the world can be when we treat each other — and our fellow species — with kindness.

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This DVD

Unlock the formula for creating positive change, and harness the transformative power of kindness. What animal-lover wouldn't want that? In this feature-length DVD, Lyn White reveals how creating a kinder world could be as simple as ‘becoming the best we can be’. Audiences have called it ‘inspired beyond belief’ and ‘Uplifting, thought provoking, heart-warming, moving. Perfect.’ Watch a preview to see what all the fuss is about... And pick up a copy now for just $6!

WHY THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT: For animal-lovers (and anyone who is working towards a kinder, more just society) this DVD reminds us all of why we do what we do — and that all life is precious and interconnected.

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This bag

This cute tote doesn’t just feature adorable animal characters, it also tells the world that you shop like you care — and eliminates the need for environmentally destructive disposable plastic bags! Perfect for the conscientious consumer or anyone who is keen to strike up a conversation about cruelty-free living at the supermarket.

WHY THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT: It’s practical — it will actually get used! — and unlike most reusable shopping bags, it’s made of 100% recycled materials.

PRO-TIP: You’ll wish you’d bought more than one — because no animal-lover (or custodian of the planet) wants to be left with no choice but to use disposable plastic bags at the checkout! So stock up on a bunch of these to ensure an uninterrupted cruelty-free shopping experience!

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These wines

Every animal advocate who spends his or her spare time speaking up for animals, or volunteering at an animal shelter, deserves to celebrate their positive contribution to the world! Goodwill Wines have partnered with Animals Australia to offer a constantly changing selection of some of the best boutique wines from around Australia. Part of the proceeds from every 12 or 6 bottle case will directly support campaigns to help animals.

WHY THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT: Unlike many wines you'll find at the bottle-o, each of these specially chosen wines has been crafted without the use of any animal products — so to the astute animal lover they are not only a good drop, they're also cruelty-free to boot!

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A symbolic adoption

While it's an absolutely terrible idea to impulse-buy a real living animal — it's an absolutely terrific idea to buy a symbolic animal adoption! These high quality plush pigs, dairy calves, chicks, lambs and bunnies each come with their own 'adoption' certificate outlining how your gift is helping to create a kinder world for real animals in need. Gift packs are available, too!

WHY THIS IS THE PERFECT GIFT: Some animal advocates might never meet the animals whose lives they transform — by protesting live exports, by choosing meat-free, or by refusing to buy products tested on animals... These unique plush adoptions not only support critical campaign work to help real animals — they are a tangible symbol of gratitude to caring people on behalf of the animals they fight for.

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Need more ideas?

What about totally indulgent cruelty-free chocolate? Or high quality animal rights clothing … with attitude?

You can find heaps more cruelty-free gifts in the new Animals Australia shop. BONUS: These gifts give twice! All proceeds from the sale of these items go directly to support Animals Australia’s work to expose and end animal cruelty. DOUBLE BONUS: Place your order before the end of June and get 5% off using this limited time discount voucher: newshop5

Go shopping!

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