Running Raw Around Australia: World record breakers home at last!

These veteran ultra-endurance athletes have run into the history books, proving resoundingly what cruelty-free living and sheer determination can achieve.

PUBLISHED ON: 6 January 2014

Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray held hands as they crossed the finish line on New Year's Day in Melbourne... 366 days and 15,500km after first setting out on their historic run around Australia for charity – and a decade after Janette beat cancer.

Powered by fresh fruits and vegetables, they ran a marathon a day for a year and a day to raise awareness of healthy living, and encourage kindness to animals, people and the planet. Both in their 60s, the raw vegans have claimed the world records for most consecutive marathons by a woman, man and couple – and inspired thousands of people across the country.

Alan and Janette cross the finish line
Alan and Janette cross the finish line on January 1st

And what were they planning to do on January 2nd? Sleep in... and probably go for a run.

Alan and Janette speak to ABC 7.30

"We might have finished the marathons, but this is just the beginning, and together we will make a difference," Janette told ABC News.

This amazing duo will continue to share their story and knowledge at events and speaking engagements throughout 2014.


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